Resting Beach Face

Dumpster Fire Candle

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Resting Beach Face
Notes of the ocean, orchid and judgment

This is the best selling Dumpster Fire Candle! Maybe it’s the name or the scent that so many people like. It has a strong smell and is best described as a clean laundry smell. You can leave this little guy in a room without ever lighting it and it smells lovely for months. Fun fact: many buyers read it aloud as “Resting Bitch Face” and who's to judge them for it?

The details:
Smells like a fresh batch of spring-like laundry
Color: Lime
Soy Wax
Phthalate Free
8-10 hour burn time
4.5 oz (2.75” wide x 2.125” deep x 1.875” tall)
*After trimming the wick to ¼ inch, we suggest burning the candle for one hour at a time. This will avoid melting through the walls and spilling all the wax. Your dumpster fire will have a longer life! ALWAYS burn on a level, fire resistant surface.

Each candle is meticulously hand-poured and packaged in Raleigh, NC. Because of the homemade nature of the candle, there may be some slight imperfections.

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