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Meredith Schmidt Founder and CEO

Why a “dumpster fire” candle?

The creation of the Dumpster Fire Candle™ came to be as a result of both personal and global challenges in the year 2016. It was a dark year for so many, and I found myself using the term “dumpster fire” when talking about our nation’s political climate or describing the illogical and hateful ideology of my state’s—North Carolina—leadership. And remember all those talented musicians, artists, leaders, writers, comedians and acting legends that died in 2016? Good grief.

The United States 45th presidential election results did not go the way I had hoped. And then, my beloved dog died one week later.

Desperate to turn the corner and find some light, one evening the idea to create a literal dumpster fire popped into my brain. It’s an image that is devastating and funny at the same time, but it seemed dangerous and illegal to blaze a real dumpster. The challenge: how can I scale this down and make it accessible without compromising the metaphor of a burning dumpster? Thus, a candle in the shape of a dumpster was born.

My hope is that Dumpster Fire Candle makes people smirk. It represents redemption, letting go or just some good old fashioned hatred. Burn, baby, burn.

-Meredith Schmidt, Founder and CEO

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