1. MoviePass. We’ve all heard of MoviePass, right? Well, I’ve been using it for a little over a month and although the benefits are great, the customer service and functionality of the app is THE WORST. I had a question about cancelling a monthly subscription because I received a gifted annual subscription and their FAQs were very vague about how to do this without being banned from MoviePass for nine months. I tried contacting customer support three different ways over the course of a month and crickets. Nothing. And I’m not the only one experiencing this. After Tweeting to them for the second time, they finally attempted to help, but guess what, their instructions didn’t work and now I’m back to square one. What a fucking dumpster fire. Wouldn’t be surprised if MoviePass dissolves by 2019. Oh and they also tweeted this:moviepass trump tweet


  1. The track “Flannel” off Justin Timberlake’s album “Man of the Woods.” This album is very polarizing. Some love it, some absolutely hate it. I’m on the side of “it’s pretty good.” BUT OH MY GOSH the track “Flannel” is so stupid. It sounds like a lullaby and I am sure that is intentional because he’s a new father, but TAKE THAT SHIT OFF THIS ALBUM and just keep that one for personal use JT. “Right behind my left pocket, That is where you’ll feel my soul, It’s been with me many winters, It will keep you warm.” BARF!


  1. Eagles fan who ate horse shit after Super Bowl win. Why? 

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